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Why Volunteer?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there were an estimated 1,115,000 career and volunteer firefighters in the United States in 2018. Of the total number of firefighters 370,000 (33%) were career firefighters and 745,000 (67%) were volunteer firefighters.

There is a large demand for volunteer firefighters and those that want to help give back to their communities should consider volunteering. Becoming a volunteer has many community benefits. Not only will you get a sense of fulfillment, you will also gain knowledge by attending classes and trainings while meeting likeminded individuals.


Becoming a Volunteer:

Volunteering is a very rewarding and valuable way to serve your community.

There are a number of different roles a person can play within the company.

Below you will find the first steps you might take to get involved:

Make sure you’re ready to commit. Making the decision to become a volunteer firefighter should not be taken lightly.
Call your local fire station or stop by to begin the process of becoming a volunteer.
Once you’ve decided to apply, you will need to complete an application and background check process.
After you join, the company will enter you into the required State Fire Academy training courses.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

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